August 2020

PCMHA - Return to Hockey Protocol (compact version) – (August 08, 2020)

PCMHA - Return to Hockey Plans - (Aug. 05, 2020)

PCMHA - Season Start Up - (August 12, 2020)




April 2020

Well the world is certainly a different place today than it was when our 2019/2020 season was nearing completion, and we are all in unprecedented times.

Port Coquitlam Minor Hockey now joins these unprecedented times.

As we all do our part to lessen the exposure to COVID-19, we are now quite aware of the significant sacrifices involved to “flatten the curve” and of course, we do not know how long this will be the case.

Hockey season ended early, we are lucky many of our teams finished up in time, but some did miss tournaments and wind ups.

Our facilities that we use are now closed in effort to stem the spread of the virus. These “interruptions” are having a real effect in terms of our members’ ability to earn a living, run their businesses, take care of their families and other priorities.

In the meantime, this is what we will do to help our members.


This will be made available by May 5/2020. Please continue to register your player for the 2020/2021 hockey season. If you cannot make the payment due to these unstable times, that is okay. If you can, please do. We would rather get members registered in order to plan for the season – however that may look.


We will still hand out our awards and scholarships, obviously at later dates, when we can gather as a group again.


As in the last email sent out earlier please hold onto gear until we can gather again.


We will continue to plan for a regular season. We will work together as an executive via email to get programs and procedures together for our hockey community; hopefully we will be back on the ice in September.


Practice our motto PASSION, PRIDE, PLAY.

: for the game we love and want to get back to playing, practice social distance to flatten the curve.
PRIDE: for the game of hockey in Port Coquitlam, make our community proud, wash our hands and do not gather in groups (ideally try to interact only with people in your immediate family and homes) .
PLAY: practice your shot, practice safe social distancing – one hockey stick apart and practice great hand washing.

We will get through this. PCMHA is built on caring, compassionate people, and we will need to look out for each other.

Stay safe & well.

PCMHA Hockey Executive.