Rust Removal and Rep Tryouts Preparation Camps

U7/U8/U9 U11 U13 U15/U18 Goalies
Learn the core fundamentals of individual skill development
Meet new teammates and make new friends. Structured, safe, positive and fun environment for players of all skills. Stride development techniques focusing on building the foundation of skating through balance, posture, edge work, and mobility
Forward Power
Build on skating fundamentals to develop explosive forward take-off power, forward stride acceleration and top-end speed.
* Mechanical & technical development
* Stride strength & explosive power
* Top-end linear forward stride speed
* 1st to 4th step explosive, take-off quickness
* Linear acceleration speed
Power Skating & Conditioning
Develop key areas of skating technique and conditioning, building the foundation for great performances:
* Developing superior skating technique
* Achieving maximum intensity every shift
* Accelerating faster, with explosive speed
* Improving agility & transitional quickness
Game Conditioning
This advanced, high tempo program is going to keep those skating legs pumping hard during each shift of every period until the final horn sounds.
Train to get rid of excess fatigue build up quickly, tolerate higher levels of fatigue, and rapidly replace needed energy to the skating muscles, so you can skate at your highest level of intensity and speed.
Our goal is simply to give goalies the best tools and guidance to achieve their goals. No matter what level you are at, we do our best to push our goalies and strive for greatness every session. Every goalie will have their own story and journey towards their goals, our job is to bring out skills that make a goalie unique and help improve your game to help you stand out.

Important Notification:

- U11 Rust Removal - August 22nd - 26th now starts at 5:15PM.
- The following is Tuesday August 23rd ice schedule only:

23-Aug-22 TUESDAY 5:30 PM 6:30 PM ARENA 2 1 RUST REMOVAL U7-U9
23-Aug-22 TUESDAY 7:45 PM 8:45 PM ARENA 3 1 RUST REMOVAL U11
23-Aug-22 TUESDAY 8:00 PM 9:00 PM ARENA 2 1 RUST REMOVAL U13
23-Aug-22 TUESDAY 9:00 PM 10:00 PM ARENA 3 1 RUST REMOVAL U15
Camps Date Time Arena Cost HR Registration
U7/U8/U9 - Rust RemovalAug. 22-Aug. 266:45PM - 7:45PMArena 3$1751:00 Click Here to Register
U8/U9 - Skills DevelopmentAug. 29-Sept. 015:15PM - 6:15PMArena 3$1401:00 Click Here to Register
U11 - Rust RemovalAug. 22-Aug. 265:15PM - 6:15PMArena 3$1751:00 Click Here to Register
U11 - Rep PrepAug. 29-Sept. 016:30PM - 7:45PMArena 3$1751:15 Click Here to Register
U13 - Rust RemovalAug. 22-Aug. 267:45PM - 8:45PMArena 2$1751:00 Click Here to Register
U13- Rep PrepAug. 29-Sept. 016:00PM - 7:15PMArena 2$1751:15 Click Here to Register
U15 - Rust RemovalAug. 22-Aug. 268:00PM - 9:00PMArena 3$1751:00 Click Here to Register
U15 - Rep PrepAug. 29-Sept. 017:30PM-8:45PMArena 2$1751:15 Click Here to Register
U18 - Rep PrepAug. 29-Sept. 018:00PM-9:15PMArena 3$1751:15 Click Here to Register
Goalies - Rust RemovalAug. 22-Aug. 266:30PM - 7:30PMArena 2$1751:00 Click Here to Register