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Certification Head Coach Assistant Coach Manager HCSP On-Ice Helper
Certification Requirements
Respect In Sport Required Required Required Required Required
Criminal Record Check (passcode: NE9TZ6M2Z6)

Now Requires 'Services Card' to use online CRC

- Services Card FAQ

- eCRC Online Service User Guide

Required Required Required Required Required
HU Online Coach Prerequisite for Coach 1 & Coach 2 Required Required
Coach 1 Intro to Coach (NEW 2017)

Coaches who previously completed Coach 2 are grandfathered and eligible to coach H1-H4 with their Coach 2 certification.


All NEW Coaches H1-H4


All NEW Coaches H1-H4

Coach 2  Atom A, All C teams Atom-Juvenile Atom A,
All C teams Atom-Juvenile
HSCP - HU Online Safety Required
Coach - Development 1 All A teams Pee Wee & up All A teams Pee Wee & up
High Performance 1 Head Coach Tier 1 - Bantam A1
Coach Instructional Stream - Checking Skills 1 All teams
Atom A/C-Bantam A/C
Concussion Awareness Training Tool
Required Required Required Required Required



Education & Requirements Power Point (Oct 2018)

More information on Hockey Canada and NCCP  Coaching Pathways and Requirements can be found here 


Respect in Sport (RIS) 

The minimum age of participants is 16 years old as of December 31 of the current season
RIS certification expires after four (4) years
Mandatory for all coaches and HCSP persons
Officials on teams must be qualified in RIS before being added to a team roster.
1. Time Commitment – The course will take an estimated 2.5 hours with the delegate’s HCR accreditation updated immediately upon completion.
2. Availability / Access – The course is accessible over the internet therefore the delegates dictate when and where they take the course. They can also complete the course at their own speed.
3. Flexibility – Delegates can access the Respect in Sport on-line course at any time (by way of user name and password) therefore are able to complete one module at a time.
4. E-Learning Platform – This is an introduction to the capabilities of training delegates with online tools and resources. The course contains many handouts which remain accessible after the course is complete. If a paper copy of any of the documents or the accreditation certificate is required it can be printed from the site.
5. Not Sport Specific – Respect in Sport is not specific to any sport. However the learning principals within are common to anyone acting as a sport leader. The consensus is that many of our volunteers coach/assist in other sports. The need to educate our sport leaders is of significant importance, however this allows for some reduction in the duplication of information.

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Criminal Record Check 
All team officials (Head Coach, Assistant coaches, On-ice helpers and HCSP personnel) on each team, Hockey 1 thru Juvenile must submit a Criminal Record Check to our 1st VP before being added to any team roster. It is Port Coquitlam Minor hockey’s policy that the Criminal Record Check, be updated every two years.

If you have knowledge that you require a new or updated Criminal Record Check please do so before submitting your Coaching application.

Click here for more information on how to obtain your CRC

HU Online Coach 1/2 – prerequisite

HU Online Coach 1/2 is an online module and is required as a prerequisite to be completed prior to registering for Coach 1 or Coach 2 clinics.The online learning modules will take approximately 4.5 hours to complete. It is suggested to complete these modules as soon as possible to allow for maximum availability to classroom /on-ice sessions.

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach (NEW for 2017)

(Online HU Online Coach 1/2 must be completed prior to registering for Coach 1 - Intro to Coach)

Coach 1 is new for the 2017 season. Coaches will attend a blended (Classroom/On-ice) clinic which will take approximately 4hours to complete. The focus of the Coach 1 clinic is on small area games and providing a basis for introducing the required skills (balance, stride etc) of ice hockey.

Click here to access the eHockey Canada website and register for Coach 1 -Intro to Coach


Coach 2

(Online HU Online Coach 1/2 must be completed prior to registering for Coach 2)

The Coach 2 certification requires the delegate attend a blended (Classroom/On-ice) clinic which will take approximately 9hours to complete. Following the classroom/on-ice session the delegates will be given a post-task to complete. Once completed the delegate must have the MHA representatives sign-off their post task and then submit the post task to BC Hockey for marking. In order to receive "Certified" status the post-task must be received by BC Hockey before March 31st. "Certified" status is not required and a coach can remain "Trained" indefinitely.

Once "Certified" the coach will receive an email/letter from BCHockey indicating their status. To maintain "Certified" status for Coach 2 a coach must obtain 10 professional development points within 5 years.

Click here to access the eHockey Canada website and register for Coach Online/Coach 2

HCSP – Online Safety

The Hockey Canada Safety Program utilizes a proactive, preventative, common sense approach to keeping our children safe. The goal of the program is for the safety people to implement effective risk management programs with their own teams where player safety is the first priority at all times, both on and off the ice.

The safety person is a volunteer who has received HCSP accreditation. The HCSP program must be successfully completed every three (3) years in order to be a team’s safety person, even if the individual is a medical professional.

Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP) Guidelines
•The minimum age for participants is 19 years of age as of December 31 of the current season
•HCSP expires after three (3) years
•It is mandatory to have at least one (1) certified official on each team
HCSP must be completed before being added to a teams roster.

The safety person:
•Must conduct regular checks of players’ equipment.
•Is responsible for promoting proper warm up and conditioning techniques as a form of injury prevention.
•Coordinates plans for road trips, tournaments, etc. and assists in the overall supervision of the team.
•Establishes medical history files on every player and carries these files and the team first aid kit on every outing.
•Implements an Emergency Action Plan for the team and through this is prepared to react in the event of accidents, injuries and medical emergencies.
•Manages all injuries, learns to recognize serious injuries and refers injured players to qualified professionals.
•Must assume a leadership role in promoting the values of safety, fair play and integrity.

Click here to access further information on HCSP – Safety
Click here to access the eHockey Canada website and register for HCSP – Online Safety

Coach – Development 1 

This is a two-day (approximately 16hours) classroom/on-ice clinic and is intended for coaches at the "A" level from Pee Wee and above. Delegates must attend a clinic before December 1st. Once attended, they coach will have obtained "Trained" status.

Development 1 Certification – Following the classroom/on-ice clinic the delegates must complete and submit a written post-task to BCHockey before December 15th . BCHockey will then contact the delegate to schedule a Field/Practice evaluation prior to the completion of the season.

Once certified, coaches will be required to obtain 20 professional development points within 5 years.

Click here to access the eHockey Canada website and register for Coach – Development 1

High Performance 1 

All Head Coaches coaching Bantam, Midget, Junior A teams that compete in Inter-provincial or National Championships or the highest level as determined by the Branch, must be High Performance 1 "Certified".
Registration and availability for the High Performance 1 clinic is limited, please contact for details.

Click here for more information on Hockey Canada and NCCP Coaching Pathways 

Concussion Awareness Training Tool (

(NEW) All BC Hockey Team Officials must be qualified in the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) prior to their participation in any practice or games.

  • Thirty (30) minute course available online
  • Cost is free
  • To ensure that all coaches and HCSP personnel are aware and educated on concussion protocol and the Hockey Canada return to play procedure.
  • Once you have completed the CATT program you will be provided with a certificate. Please email a copy of this certificate provides up-to-date concussion education for parents and coaches. It includes video lessons and resources to effectively prevent, recognize and manage a players recovery.